Some leaders spend way too much time worrying over or working on their “weaknesses” rather than leading from their strengths. These leaders often wonder why they don’t have any time to do what inspires them. They struggle to inspire and effectively connect with people.

The result: a bunch of people going through the motions, doing What They Think Is Right without achieving the results they expect. Well, if Peter Drucker was right when he said: “Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things…” then is it possible that chief on your list of Right Things might  be maximizing, investing in and leading from your strengths?

Here’s why…

When you try to lead from your weakness, you tend to fall into the trap of becoming an energy vampire. Because the effort necessary is extreme and less natural, it requires others to do the heavy lifting for you.. This is true even if the only one providing you with “extra” encouragement and “more” energy  is “you”.

There’s only so much time in every day. When you spend that time trying to shore up weaknesses  in your skillset, you miss opportunities to increase your influence by leaning in with  your strengths.

One of the key reasons for investing primarily in your strengths lies in why people follow leaders. . If you cannot answer these three questions for someone, they will struggle to see you as a leader.

Can I trust you?

Can you help me?

Do you care for me?

The answer to these questions is often found in how you connect with someone —your tone, enthusiasm, interest and approach. When you lead from your strengths, you are more natural, less forced. The enthusiasm and energy is real or genuine, and it invites connection and cooperation.

Unsure of your strengths? Check out this resource

One of the most important reasons to lead from your strengths has to do with character development. One of my favorite John Maxwell quotes is this one:

“Talent is a gift, but character is a choice.”

Our strengths are found in our talents, but choosing to develop those strengths rather than coast on them is one of the best ways to build the character you need to inspire your team.

Remember, this is a process, so don’t beat yourself as you learn. The best leaders don’t pretend to be perfect. They own their mistake and work daily to be better. That’s a goal you can start toward wherever you are. Connect with me, and I can be here to help you on your way.


In the meantime, here’s something to consider…

Think about two things you can intentionally stop doing in the  area of your weakness and use that time to purposely work from an area of strength. Try it on for a day or two, then reach out to me, let me know what new awarenesses you have and what are some things that start to shift around you.  

Make it a great day,



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