Most people talk past each other, even when it really matters. Successful leaders understand how to truly connect when they communicate, and there’s no doubt, connecting increases your influence in every situation. Your sense of community improves, your ability to inspire teamwork increases and your influence skyrockets.

In this program we discuss…

Why people who connect have better relationships

Relationships are primarily about connection and value. When you communicate in a connective way, you not only increase your value to that other person, but you communicate your appreciation of their value as well. When you learn to accomplish this in every exchange, you will strengthen all your relationships, both personal and professional.

Why people who connect experience less conflict

Most conflict is birthed in misunderstanding and nurtured by selfish communication. When you learn to communicate in a connective manner you not only create less conflict, you will be able to guide current conflicts into more positive, productive and profitable exchanges.

Why connective people are more successful than their peers

There is a direct correlation between connectivity and success rates. We will unpack why that is and how you can apply those principles to put those dynamics to work for you.

How to shift your approach to increase connectivity

Connective conversation may not come natural for you. Trust me, you’re not alone. In this program we will work through ways to shift approaches and develop natural connectivity in your communication.

How connection increases your power of persuasion

If you want people to understand and accept your position, if you want to make more sales and get more people to appreciate your perspective, then you need to learn how to connect when you communicate.

How connection increases your influence and your leadership potential

If you are struggling to lead and to inspire, it may be that you’re not connecting with others. There’s no magic to it, but there’s also no doubt better connectivity can increase your influence. Learn how to put those principles to work in your life and develop your leadership to its fullest potential.

“When you are preparing to step away and put someone in charge of your business, you need to know their thinking is aligned with yours, that they’re thinking like an owner, not an employee.”

“I needed some outside help. That’s why I called Trish. The process was amazing to watch. Trish is outstanding at establishing trust and building rapport. She came in, asking questions, allowing my manager to find her way. Then she started peeling back the onion …

It was so cool to watch that shift happening!

“I watched Trish give my manager the filters they needed to begin thinking like an owner. When that person started with Trish they were thinking like an employee. When she was finished they were thinking like a CEO.

“I saw my manager step up, take real responsibility, freeing me up to step away, secure in the knowledge my company would still run well. Trish exceeded my expectations in every way. Not only did she achieve what I needed, she did so quicker than I anticipated, faster than I thought possible.”

– Valerie Sherman, CEO of United Building Maintenance, Inc

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