If we want to accomplish things we have never done, to go from where we are to where we want to be, we must expand our beliefs about our abilities, our focus, and our efforts. We must transform our vision and shift our thinking in a way that makes it all possible.

In this article, I’d like to share a few transformational vision questions that have been helpful to me. I believe they will be encouraging to you as well.


How’s my self-image?

We will not achieve what we do not believe. So many times, our beliefs about who we are and what we’re capable of get in the way of our ability to succeed. When we do not believe we are able or worthy, when fears and doubts nag us, we’re allowing our past to limit our current choices.

Maintaining an “I’m right” self-image may also limit our ability to lead in a transformational way. When we believe we have it all figured out, or when we neglect opportunities to learn or grow, we limit our ability to grow our visions or our teams. Worse, we put ourselves at risk of not being prepared when opportunities arise.


Am I putting anything in the way of my growth?

Sometimes, we are so focused on wanting to grow, to achieve or to succeed, we fail to stop and take account of what may be getting in the way of our growth. Sometimes, these kinds of objective assessments are challenging.

It’s easy, in these moments, to misplace blame as well. We may get caught up in assigning guilt or coming up with excuses as to why this or that is in our way. In these moments, it can be very helpful to take a step back, focus on the obstacle and choose to do what we can to get around it. Then, we can let that go, let the past stay in the past and focus, instead, on the steps we need to take, today, to get where we want to be tomorrow.


How clearly do I see the opportunities around me?

Focus is a key aspect of building and communicating a transformational vision. When we shift our focus away from the obstacles and choose to look for the opportunities around us, we take an important step in creating a transformational vision.

However, it’s not enough to see opportunity. That’s just the first step. Visions grow more successfully when we choose to focus on the opportunities that complement the vision, rather than those that pull us away from it. It’s okay to say “no,” even to an excellent opportunity, if it is not in line with our vision or if the time isn’t right.


Who do I have around me that will help grow my vision?

It is difficult to achieve a vision greater than ourselves without a team to help us better see and understand that vision. Scripture tells us there is wisdom in a “multitude of counselors.” That verse, in Proverbs, also speaks about “safety” and “success”. The message? When we have a team of trusted counselors around us, we can see more clearly and accomplish much bigger goals. When building this team of wise counselors, it’s important to have people:

  • Who we will listen to
  • Who will tell us the truth and hold us accountable
  • Who will help us see things in new ways we may not see on our own
  • Who will help us understand our opportunities better
  • Who will ask good questions
  • Who will understand our true strengths, talents and passions
  • Who has been there before and found success


Who do I have in my life who will help carry out that expanded vision?

Once we have a team of counselors in place that will encourage us and hold us accountable, we also need a team to help us bring the transformational vision to life. You may have heard you need a team greater than yourself if you want to accomplish a vision bigger than yourself. If we want to accomplish something truly transformational, we need a team around us with members who:

  • Personally connect with the vision
  • Bring talents and skills that we lack
  • Work well with us and with each other
  • Understand the incremental steps
  • Do not bring agendas that conflict or distract from the vision


Do I know my ‘why’?

John Maxwell defines a ‘why’ as what we “cry about, sing about and dream about”. These are the things that motivate us down deep in our souls. Our ‘why’ helps us connect with others who have similar motivations. And our ‘why’ gives us the reasons, discipline and courage to keep going when we stumble, struggle and fail.

When we know our why, when we carry a contagious vision, when we have the right people around us, when we focus on the right opportunities, and we do not let the past, our fears or our doubts get in our way, we have the power to transform our lives, our future and the potential of our team. That’s truly transformational.



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