John Maxwell says: “To reach your potential, you must grow. And, to grow, you must be highly intentional about it.” But what does this mean, to be “intentional” about growth, and, practically, what does it look like? You likely understand that growth is essential for financial success and overall happiness, but how do you “live out” this wisdom in your busy, day-to-day life? That is exactly what this program sets out to answer. Practical knowledge and application of principles and actions that will not only inspire you to grow but also increase your growth potential. This program will assist you as you discover, reach for and ascend to new heights, no matter what your goals have been or will be.

In this program we discuss…

How to take advantage of opportunities to grow

Every day, people miss out on opportunities for personal and professional growth. It’s happened to you, but it need not happen again. We will work through the steps you need to take to generate a plan of action to build and maintain personal growth.

What effective growth really requires

Growth doesn’t just happen. Learn how to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be when you know the principles, decisions and actions necessary to inspire and maintain growth in your life.

Your life’s purpose, how to find the path and stay on it

Distractions are all around us, in our work, our relationships and our minds. Learn how to leave behind those things meant for someone else and how to embrace your personal life purpose.

How to unlock the power of the Rule of 5

When you understand Maxwell’s Rule of 5 and how it can apply in your life, you will begin to experience real personal, professional and sustainable gains.

How to visualize and actualize “better”

Too many people have an unclear picture of what “better” looks like for them, or they think they know, but they’re working from bad information. When you fully understand what “better” means for you, that’s when you experience true, sustainable growth.

How to build a growth network

Often, we become who we allow to influence us. If your goal is growth, you need a group around you that will challenge your assumptions, push your boundaries, tell you the truth and inspire you to be and do better. Sounds great, right? But how do you find those people, and, more importantly, how do you recruit them into your network? This program will help you answer those questions.

“When you are preparing to step away and put someone in charge of your business, you need to know their thinking is aligned with yours, that they’re thinking like an owner, not an employee.”

“I needed some outside help. That’s why I called Trish. The process was amazing to watch. Trish is outstanding at establishing trust and building rapport. She came in, asking questions, allowing my manager to find her way. Then she started peeling back the onion …

It was so cool to watch that shift happening!

“I watched Trish give my manager the filters they needed to begin thinking like an owner. When that person started with Trish they were thinking like an employee. When she was finished they were thinking like a CEO.

“I saw my manager step up, take real responsibility, freeing me up to step away, secure in the knowledge my company would still run well. Trish exceeded my expectations in every way. Not only did she achieve what I needed, she did so quicker than I anticipated, faster than I thought possible.”

– Valerie Sherman, CEO of United Building Maintenance, Inc

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